Innovation and Product Development

Insightful Product Development Tools with Competitive Benchmarking and Norms,
Multi-Segment Analysis shows "Who"   -   Driver Analysis shows "Why"

INTERACTIVE INSIGHT  Deceptively simple conversation replaces traditional interview. We probe current behaviors, psychology of purchase and use to understand your customer and prospect in depth.  Instanf fully analyzed online report helps generate the insights your business needs.

Paired comparisons on a familiar Likert scale Concepts, products, websites, ads directly compared to expectation and competitive alternatives. Analysis of Driving Reasons for preference and dissatisfaction. 

Innovative Linescale® Direct Comparisons Capture:

  1. Benchmarks versus your real world competition
  2. Normative Linescore® vs competition
  3. Analysis of Driving Reasons for Preference, "On the fence" or Rejection
  4. Absolute rating, rank orders and direct paired comparisons
  5. Multi-Segments measure subgroups, draw from each competitors' customers  

In-depth look at each individual respondent with verbatims and ratings

U.S. Patent No. 7,664,670 and Patent Pending 

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