The Linescale itself is unique. The Linescale is a "dynamic grid" which allows respondents to rate and rank multiple items on the same scale with full visibility of earlier ratings. This not only rates items but it establishes the rank order of the items. This uniquely creates paired comparisons between any two items and between each item and all other items.

Below is a demo of a Linescale Rating set and a description of the Monadic Benchmark Concept Test.

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Demo of a Monadic Concept Test

Methodology: The Concept Test evaluates and diagnoses the strengths and weaknesses of a new product idea, in this case a new food item. First take the short interview and skim the report. This demo illustrates Linescale's integrated use of advanced psychometric techniques described in Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman's book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. First, a REFERENCE ANCHOR is established by respondent's identifying and rating their two favorite alternatives in the space. 

Then, the concept is tested in two exposures. The first exposure is designed to measure the "System 1", or fast, intuitive faculty of our mind. The second exposure is more detailed and is designed to engage "System 2", or the slower, more thoughtful and logical faculty of our mind. Note that each item is rated on the same Linescale. You can see earlier ratings.

After rating on several key attributes, including likelihood of Recommendation, the respondent's score is calculated and shown to the respondent for agreement. The respondent tells why she rated that way in her own words, and then self-codes the verbatim by selecting up to five key reasons for their rating from a list of reasons.

After scoring and "why," features, benefits, attributes, flavors, varieties and pricing can also be tested in the single concept test - and analyzed by respondent's degree of preference for the concept itself. This is a unique and powerful test.

This concept is simplified for demo purposes. Concepts can be of any length or complexity..

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