About Linescale

Linescale is an Expert System created to provide consumer information to develop and grow major businesses. At the heart of Linescale is a patented continuous linescale which allows each respondent to anchor that continuous scale with their personal competitive alternatives. This unique measurement system makes direct paired and metric comparisons of multiple test items and competitive brands and practices practical. This yields highly reliable and discriminating information.

With the Linescale Expert System you can assess a website, measure customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction or do a full cycle of concept and product development. Linescale concentrates on the WHY of customer behavior, always in a competitive context. You get an immediate full online report along with an Executive Summary recommending specific action steps. Each test is analyzed by customer acceptance segments and reasons for rating by each individual respondent. And you have access to full verbatim comments by each individual. The system also gives you capability to filter by any question or criterion and download data.

Customers have relied on Linescale to effectively develop and launch new products and services, reposition core businesses, re-configure their enterprise customer satisfaction processes, create new advertising campaigns, develop new promotions, establish web-marketing initiatives and re-create their websites.