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Larry Weiss


Larry Weiss


Larry Weiss and Linescale

Larry Weiss is the founder of Linescale. He has been in the Marketing Research and Product Development business since the 1960’s.  As a kid, you probably wore UNDEROOS, Larry's first entrepreneurial venture, and one of many innovative mass-market products he created over a long career using Linescale. As Division Executive of the Development Division of Citibank in the 1980's, Larry directed development of breakthrough online consumer banking applications, Citibank's full service ATMs and a broad spectrum of other banking products around the world - all using the Linescale system. This was followed by the Linescale team's design of the 24-hour Automated Postal Centers and Web applications for the US Postal Service.

Linescale’s client companies include some of America’s largest Consumer Packaged Goods and Services companies. CVSHealth, Citibank, Council on Foreign Relations, The United States Post Office, Sonic Drive-In, Aetna Insurance, Priceline.com, FreshDirect, 1-800-Flowers, Pitney Bowes, Kraft Foods, Lincoln Center, Chase Bank, Jenny Craig, Marriott International, Hanesbrands.

Linescale has a huge data base across a wide array of products, new products and services. Banking. On-line Auctions. Coffee. Retail. Supermarket Brands. AVR Customer Service. On-line Retail. Financial Services. Hotels. Online News Services. Quick Service Restaurants. Pet Food. Baby Food. Designer Bedding. Children's Underwear. ATMs. Weight Reduction Programs. Postal Service Websites and Kiosks. Breakfast Cereal. On-line Couponing. Telecom. Postal and Mailing Services. Investment Advice. Office Equipment. Small Business Services. Household Products. Credit Cards. Concepts. Benefits. Direct Mail Pieces. Packaging. Positioning Statements. Storyboards. Finished Commercials. Web site development and assessment. Customer Satisfaction.

Larry Weiss started at Pillsbury and General Foods, doing innovative marketing research, new product development and product group management. Among his familiar packaged-goods creations, in addition to Underoos Children's Underwear, are Cycle Dog Food and Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles Cereal (see list at: http://gort.net/ProductIndex.htm).

He has degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and Experimental Psychology from Boston University, and fourteen U.S. Patents.



SUMMARY of Linescale Technology

Linescale delivers fast, reliable scores, verbatim responses and diagnostics that summarize interest, probable trial, repeat and depth of repeat. The analysis shows which customers want the product and why, how to improve it, who hates it and why, and what it needs to fix it.

Linescale® is very fast . Answers in days, not weeks.

Linescale is designed to encourage repeat surveys to improve based on immediate learning.

Try, and try again. Success comes from iteration. Linescale speed and affordability lets you increase your chances of  winning!

See your results in and across Multiple Market Segments. See the degree and depth of Acceptance within each segment. Combine segments to explore potential. Hard Data lets you refine your segmentation model. Explore the "WHO" - all subgroups, users of each brand. 

Linescale has a huge data base across a wide array of products, new products and services. We know what the numbers mean! Banking, On-line Auctions, Coffee, Retail, Supermarket Brands, AVR Customer Service, On-line Retail, Financial Services, Hotels, Online News Services, Quick Service Restaurants, Pet Food, Baby Food, Designer Bedding, Children's Underwear, ATMs, Weight Reduction Programs, Postal Service Kiosks, Cereal, On-line Couponing, Telecom, Postal and Mailing Services, Investment Advice, Office Equipment, Small Business Services, Household Products, Credit Cards, Concepts, Benefits, Direct Mail Pieces, Positioning Statements, Storyboards, Finished Commercials.

Linescale tests in direct comparison with each consumer’s current favorite brands or practices. If they prefer your product or promise to what they are doing today, you know something important.

Linescale reframes the problem to directly measure what we really want to measure; RELATIVE PREFERENCE. This is the essence of the Linescale Research technique. Linescale uses sophisticated presentation of scales to derive the simplest and most reliable of measures - rank order preference of items versus the respondents' current favorites. This simple technique solves many traditional measurement problems.

Reports give in-depth consumer response organized to quickly let you understand who likes or dislikes your program and why. Consumer’s get engaged with Linescale’s Unique Interactive survey – with no group pressure, no interviewer, no moderator. They let you know what they honestly feel and why. In their own words, consumers let you know why they rated your program as they did. Organized Verbatims give texture to what’s going on in your customers’ minds.

Linescale is an innovative highly interactive web survey technique for screening, improving, developing and evaluating new products and services and refurbishing existing products. It is the fast, low-cost Internet evolution of consumer laboratory systems used by major packaged goods and financial services companies for decades.

What does it do?
This interactive development tool first guides generation and improvement of the concept itself, then gives you laser-like feedback on development of the product or service and its marketing components.

Linescore ® A unique and reliable assessment and report of how your product or service will do.

With Linescale, you get a Linescore business report.  The Linescore is a concise performance summary which highlights the percent of respondents who will likely be customers for the product. Senior management and investors find the objective Linescore summary useful in evaluating whether to fund a venture.

Linescale is a behavior predictive development tool. Target customers actively rank how a new product concept or idea stacks up against their current two favorite brands or practices in the space, how the execution of the idea works – at any level of finish - and what competitors they will likely switch away from. Linescale goes beyond Purchase Intention scales and "do customers like it" and predicts whether customers will buy and use it over time by substituting it for their current practice. Now you can rapidly and inexpensively make sure you have the concept and offering right and the marketing expression optimum BEFORE you spend the big dollars and time in production and introduction.

Linescale delivers fast, reliable scores, verbatim responses and diagnostics that summarize interest, probable trial, repeat and depth of repeat. The analysis shows which customers want the product and why, how to improve it, who hates it and why, and what it needs to fix it.