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Breakthrough Online Interview with Next Generation Likert Scales - The Linescale allows head-to-head paired comparison of concepts, product and website satisfaction, ads or outcomes versus expectations and alternatives. Each individual is scored, not averaged. More signal with less noise, improved analytic power - by direct paired comparison against known benchmarks - along with traditional Likert scale means and "box" scores.

Innovative Linescale® Direct Comparisons and 800 Unique Points of Differentiation Capture:

  1. Benchmarks versus your real world competition
  2. Normative Linescore┬« vs competition 
  3. Driving factors of preference 
  4. Absolute rating, rank orders and paired comparisons of each rating

Ground-breaking direct measure superior to grids, conjoint and max-diff

Instant Online reports give an interpretive executive summary with benchmark norms and plain English recommendations.  Unique Individual Respondent Reports - plus attribute and benefit ratings.  Cross tabs, filters and your custom banners available instantly. Online results easily exported. 

Better Research Tools - Leverage our analytically structured research applications with your additional questions to customize.  Up to date competitive benchmarks in every test. 


U.S. Patent No. 7,664,670 and Patent Pending 

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