Innovation and Product Development

Product Development Tools with Competitive Benchmarking,
Source of Business Analysis, Norms and Driver Analysis

Head-to-head paired comparison of concepts, products, websites, ads or outcomes versus expectation and alternatives. Direct paired comparisons against familiar benchmarks. Analysis of Driving Reasons for preference. 

Innovative Linescale® Direct Comparisons Capture:

  1. Benchmarks versus your real world competition
  2. Normative Linescore® vs competition
  3. Analysis of Driving Reasons for Preference, "On the fence" or Rejection
  4. Absolute rating, rank orders and paired comparisons
  5. Likelihood of appeal to users of each competitor 

Instant summary and report and analysisEasily Exported.

Unique Individual Respondent Reports

Up-to-date competitive benchmarks every time


U.S. Patent No. 7,664,670 and Patent Pending 

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