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Breakthrough Online Interview with Next Generation Scales - The Linescale allows head-to-head paired comparison of concepts, product and website satisfaction, ads or outcomes versus expectations and alternatives. More signal with less noise, improved analytic power - by direct paired comparison against known benchmarks - along with traditional Likert scale means and "box" scores.

Innovative Linescale® Direct Comparisons and 1000 Unique Points of Differentiation Capture:

  1. Benchmarks versus your real world competition
  2. Normative Linescore┬« vs competition 
  3. Driving factors of preference 
  4. Absolute rating, rank orders and paired comparisons of each rating

Linescale Conjoint is faster, more efficient and clearer than traditional Conjoint tests

Immediate online reports with benchmark norms and recommendations.  Unique Individual Respondent Reports - plus attribute and benefit ratings.  Cross tabs, filters and your custom banners available instantly online and easily exported. 

Better Research Tools - Up-to-date competitive benchmarks in every test. 


U.S. Patent No. 7,664,670 and Patent Pending 

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