Product Development Testing 

Breakthrough Online Testing with Competitive Benchmarks and Built-in Analysis
Head-to-head paired comparison of concepts, products, websites, ads or outcomes versus expectation and alternatives. Direct paired comparisons against familiar benchmarks. Analysis of Driving Reasons for preference. 

Innovative Linescale® Direct Comparisons and 1000 Unique Points of Differentiation Capture:

  1. Benchmarks versus your real world competition
  2. Normative Linescore┬« vs competition 
  3. Analysis of Driving Reasons of preference 
  4. Absolute rating, rank orders and paired comparisons 

Instant summary and report with benchmark norms and built-in analysisEasily Exported.

Unique Individual Respondent Reports

Up-to-date competitive benchmarks in every test


U.S. Patent No. 7,664,670 and Patent Pending 

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